Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Never was much good at hoping
until you took my heart and tore it open.
Never understood what love was
Until I took your hand in front of the Lord above us.

And then you cut flame like a wildfire,
You came running into my life,
and you light up the dark but I can't see
how you belong to a girl like me.

I am learned that you're not perfect,
and that sometimes the one you love can burn you.
It's just the fools lookin' backwards
A bitter heart turns the love we made to ashes.

And then you cut the flame like a wildfire
When I'm with you I'm so alive
And you light up the dark but I can't see
How you belong to a girl like me.

When you love someone
They're gonna hurt you,
When you love someone
They're gonna burn you,
but don't let that burn you down.

Friday, December 6, 2013

1918 - 2013

I still remember yesterday, I woke up and directly made a hot lemon tea as usual. Then I opened my notebook and saw every news happened during the previous days. NYT might be the first option to be the best browsed in every single morning. It was running so well until that headline appeared. My hands were trembling due to the shocking news that made me really broken. One of my favorite human had already passed away.
He built hope among those who lived in a pressure because they have different skin color. He straightly declared to abolish the apartheid and fought for the liberty of African. Being caught and jailed for more than a decade in white-run prisons for sounding justice and equality to all races, never constructed him to be a desperate man. He responded that by becoming the anti-dictator leader and a powerful man with strong moral authority like India's Mahatma Gandhi or Burma's Aung San Suu-Kyi.

This earth (again) is loosing one of its hero. Death may be a painful burden for every mortal creature, but it's not going to be a big deal for him. I do believe he's still alive with every spirit that goes into each people's heart.
He's the one with struggle and pride..
With big condolence, R.I.P Nelson Mandela

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Last night was very wonderful. Lovely lights, beautiful sky, nice people were so everything. Friends and laughter had already made my night. I couldn't believe that finally I would do this to support my college event. LK2 FHUI is going to hold an event called "Gathering Day" and I'm one of the committees. I am chosen to be the head of "dana usaha" and got a job to search a lot of money. Since I got bored to only sell several foods in the college, I thought we had to make another idea. So my friends and I sang several songs in the street from a place to the other ones to collect the money. YES! We were street musicians (another way to say "singing beggars") for a night!

 The Team!

Thank you Ari Kur, Nanda, Mia, Nesita, Dewo, Fadhil + Manda. Lotta loves <3

After singing around Margonda and Kampus UI, passing a super creepy bikun cemetery (LOL! That sounds funny when it's translated into English), we went to kutek and took a rest. We ordered some snacks while having a very warm conversation. 

Angkringan Pak Blangkon

Fadhil, Kur, and a half of Mia
Got drunk by Wedang

I wish to have more nights like this, when we happily gather, sing and laugh like there's no burden in life. I am grateful to have them filling some spaces in my memory. Thank you for a happy Saturday night :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Something Good Can Work

My time, my day, my month, my year and my whole life have been so messed up these days. More and more assignments are going to bomb my brain. Sleeping lately, all day working in front of my notebook screen, no sport, more cups of coffee and too much junk food will exactly reduce my life span. I finally found a theory that college won't make you healthy (I am serious for this one).
Despite all the killing things related to my college life, I still have a few times to relax and make myself happy. Hanging out with friends and watching my favorite movies are my best medicine.

paper paper paper paper paper paper paper

what happened to my brain




Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Sweet Red Bean

Voila, the time has brought me back for a visit on my blog. Thanks a lot for those who have spent some minutes on my personal site. My apology for not bringing you some of my “not-so-important” writings for couple months.
I have grown up dear humans. I am no longer living as highschooler with all white grey thingies. All memorable stuffs related to senior high school have been kept safely on my brain. Joy and laughter, friends and love story will be mainly put as high school memory. I really miss those days when I had a little discussion on my small group gossiping some new issues, had a lunch in canteen, made a noise in the class, fought for the exam and prayed for one big dream. I do love my friends and they’ve taken so many parts in my life. I wish we never separate in this way, but I suddenly realize that in the end, we’re always having a farewell moment for another welcome word.
Goodbye High School
So, I introduce myself as collegian. After struggling with some dilemmas, choosing dreams and university, learning in another town, working with some social studies and fighting with some college selection tests, I have finally achieved my dream. 

That’s exactly where I am currently studying. Dream, hope and straight decision have successfully placed me in a chair where I supposed to sit. A bunch of grateful words, all always come out from my mouth, specifically from my heart for this beautiful gift God’s given to me. Mom always says, “believe, and God will please you to have it” , and I couldn’t agree more
So many experiences as I study here. More friends, new sky with bright environment, self adaptation and my favorite warm air. Seventeen years of having cold atmosphere and finally I feel free and relax to have my own warm air. Depok is delightful
Hello New Life, Hello Red Makara